Computer Shuts Off Unexpectedly

This can be caused by several conditions.  CPU Chips have a safety feature to shut down the computer when it reaches high (over heating) temperatures.

  • Over Heating: can be caused by faulty fans or dust build up.  You'll have to open the case.
    • Faulty Fans: Check for and replace faulty fans
    • Dust Build-Up: Check for and remove dust build-up.


Computer Running Slow

This can be caused by several conditions.  Some of the causes are: insufficient amount of memory, a full hard drive, a corrupt system cache, a large browser cache.

  • Over Come Slow Computers: use the following steps.
    • Check Memory: Confirm the installed memory meets the minimum amount
    • System Cache: Reset the system cache.
    • Hard Drive: Check, clean, optimize, replace, etc. drive. 
    • Browser Cache: Clear browser cache.
    • Mini Tune-Up: Perform a mini tune-up - see tools below


I Think My Computer Has A Virus

Viruses come in various forms with a myriad of symptoms.  A computer virus is a program designed to: harvest data, cause computers to run slow, destroy programs and / or data, etc.  

  • How can I check for a virus: use the following steps.
    • Make sure your virus protection is up to date
    • Run the "Scan for Virus" option on your virus software 
      • If a virus is found have your virus software remove the virus
      • Run the Scan for Virus again 
    • Scan for Malware
      • Follow the "Malware" instructions below
    • Check for and install updates
      • Follow the "Update instructions below